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We will draw a detailed shoes design report based on the specific requirements.  The best design effect will be showed,

 carefully combining the appearance, technology and budget. User experience and breakthrough are our goals.

Detailed Design

The design will be developed according to the customer's needs.This step in order to get an idea of shoes design, defining the feasibility of style development.


    Decide the style of shoes

    Look for suitable materials,heels and shoes last

Market Research

Gaining the customer attitude, behaviors and experiences is initial. Our purchasing  conduct the purchasing latest and the most popular materials of the season in the market. Meanwhile, purchaser to find needed materials, women stitching, rational division of labor. In a week can offer initial sample pics for a customer to see if they need any modification. At last, a real sample will be sent out.

Cutting materials

Here have two methods to cut materials. Trial order of small quantity, in order to control cost offering the best price for the customer, we will select a manual way. As for mass order, we prefer to use machine cutting, on the one hand, to increase efficiency to catch sail schedule delivering the goods on time, one the other hand, to save cost both of us.
In regard to model storage, we separate with each customer to keep them.

Upper department

After materials cutting for each part of the shoes, then stitch or stick each part together to be the whole outer part. Our factory import advanced technology computerized sewing machine greatly increased the output, annual output reaches 800,000pairs.

Wrapping and laying sole

The upper part finished, it turns to the next process. Our factory uses progressive wrapping and back counter machine and have complete laying sole line. Every production link has QC to keep producing good quality shoes.

Quality control

Before putting the shoes into a box, need to sock laying, cleaning, and check. Our QC seriously inspects each pair, if you find any flaw, he will handle properly then go forward. To sell customer perfect shoes is our permanent pursuit.


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