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Shoes&bag is match color and match model.

AB-SHOE  Since 2008, We have over 13 years of experience in manufacturing Women's shoes and are very professional in supplying OEM&ODM service.

Development of new designs, production and sales enterprises, mainly exported to Europe, the United States / Middle East / Africa and more than 100 countries.  Our main brand name “ab”, is  acronym for "Ambition bird", It is meaning a bird flying  in the sky with a great ambitions, , he wanted to sending all of our shoes to Every corner of the world, Our unique concept of designs and perfect styles makes all Ladies that who  wearing our shoes become more confident and attractive。

We provide you a variety of shoes and the best price and best quality. We were and will always be your better choice of suppliers because our value is to make the best shoes for Your growth. We cherish every chance to cooperate with you.                                                                 

We only produce fashion women's shoes, including fashion women's high-heeled sandals, fashion slippers, fashion party shoes, high heeled sandals, etc.

we not only provide customers with quality products, but we also provide logistics and marketing services based on customer needs. Focus on a new creation, material application, and after-sales service to ensure that products follow fashion, lead the trend, and win efficiency and value for customers.

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